We need to have an outlined idea to start working on. 

Before your logo is designed, there must be clear your concept and values definition of the brand, also an understanding of your consumer or target group. 

Recommended steps in your logo design process include research, conceptualization, investigation of alternative candidates, refinement of a chosen design, testing across products, and finally, adoption and production of the selected mark.

What we need from you to start this project:

We will provide 2 samples to get the concept defined and one revision to refine the choosing design and deliver the final logo.

We will deliver your logo with a brand manual so you can have all the possible options to be used: web, printing, letterheads, cards, stamps.

Full color, Monochrome version (one color print), negative version (commonly used for window signage)

  • Vector file of the final logo
  • images with transparencies (jpeg, png, and gif)
  • a pdf file of the Logo Manual, to start managing your Brand like the pros.

This Brand Manual will facilitate to maintain an even brand on all the marketing products you order and make your Brand Recognition Strong.

Once you define your Brand Image, you will see how easy it will be to apply it to every area, this will help you save time and money long term.

What will be your deadline for this project?

To make it easier, send us what you have, and we will help to put together your ideas. Once you email the information, I will follow up with a call and sent a reply with a written quote.

Send us an email